New York

Ryoji Ikeda's "The Transfinite." Photo by James Ewing.

Oh, Infinite Stream of Data and Light

Ryoji Ikeda’s sublime, mathematical awe-machine.

Screening Room.

Mobilize and Contemplate

What’s spiritually at stake in The Tree of Life?

Newark Peace Education Summit

War and Peace in Newark

On my way into the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, an agent of the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service made me take my camera out of my bag. “It’s a common…

Jacket, "It’s a Jungle Out There," autumn/winter 1997–98.

Alexander McQueen’s Afterlife

Those who only know of Alexander McQueen as the name behind the most famous wedding dress in recent history will be in for a royal shock when they step inside…

Killing the Buddha

Temple-in-a-Truck: NYC

We heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, that a woman named Annie is preparing to bring a bit of intention to New York City. It…


Reverend Billy’s Church of Earthalujah!

I just got a note from

"Our Lady of Lebanon" by Rebecca Wilson via Flickr.

Missing Communion

“God liked people who could admit to their total raw fear.”

Killing the Buddha

Getting Biblical at St. Mark’s Place

Buddha-killer Becky Garrison alerts us to two events of possible interest to NYC-area readers: Those looking for a sacrilegious way to celebrate Purim might want to check out the Horse…


I Am a Muslim, Too

Most of us KtBniks are out of the city at the moment, but last Sunday, New Yorkers were braving bad weather to protest planned congressional hearing on the role of Muslims…


Princess of the Underground

An oil heiress first finds art, then whirls into a Sufi space beyond religions.

Ganstagrass (featuring tomasia) celebrating 10 years of KtB, December 2010.

Best Buddha-killing Bluegrass

Killing the Buddha

I Need My Pain!

There’s nothing like seeing an old friend come up with something awesome. That’s just what I got to do last night, blessedly; at Dixon Place, the experimental performance space on…

"Empire State Building" by Johan Hansson, via Flickr.

Whose College?

God, money, and power beneath the Empire State Building.

Zora Neale Hurston.

Muddy Modern Love

A new testament from Zora Neale Hurston.

Killing the Buddha

A Cabbie Made Anxious by Churches

My roommate came home late last night and left me an email saying, simply, “just had a cab ride from this guy:”

Photo by Rainer Ganahl.

The Protests of Zizek and the Spirit of Communism

Last Tuesday night, the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek waged a fight on two fronts, against both God and capitalism. The theater of battle was the New York Public Library’s basement…

Killing the Buddha

God, Jumanji, and a Buick Skyhawk

Toby Van Buren, one of the first contributers to KtB’s revival in 2008, is recovering from a stroke in a New York hospital. Until late October, he’d been using his daily…


Show Nothing

What’s your take on nothing? The Rubin Museum of Art, (Remember? KtB collaborated with them this past summer in our “Remember That You Will Die” essay contest),wants to know. As part of…