Fig. 1: The BP Oil Spill Memorial Lighting of the Empire State Building.

Some Other Empire State Rejectees

Controversy has erupted over the Empire State Building’s refusal to specially illuminate in honor of the centennial of Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa’s birth. No explanation was given. Consider…

"Marina Abramović, The Artist Is Present, 2010" by 16 Miles of String, via Flickr.

The Artist’s Present

Waiting in line at the MoMA for Marina Abramović.

'Fatwa on your head?' Anti-Islam ad seen on side of bus on Central Park South.

A Tale of Three Bus Ads

If he were around today, Martin Luther might very well thump his 95 Theses angrily into a blog post. Or perhaps he’d stick them on a bus. That seems to…

Steve Martin as King Tut

Tripping with Tut

New York City seems to be hitting the Tutankhamun trifecta with three exhibits opening that highlight the ancient Egyptian burial rites.  Those desiring to revel in the King Tutankhamun’s (reign…

Jason Sagebiel in his office in Iraq.

The Songs of War

In the first years of the Iraq War, what distinguished Maj. Gen. David Petraeus’s success in the north from his fellow commanders’ difficulty in the south was his correct assessment…

Unmarriage until gay marriage

Reverend Billy’s Un-Wedding Album

On Valentine’s Day 2010, over 50 straight couples gathered in the snow in front of the Bethesda Angel in Central Park for a mass Rev. Moon-style ritual of Unmarriage.  Led…

Life in Year One

James Agee to Toast Scott Korb’s New Book

Friday, March 19th, 2010, 7-9 pm KGB Bar 85 East 4th Street, New York, NY What do first-century Palestinians have in common with Depression-era tenant farmers? Find out on March…

The 12th Planet

The Most Controversial 89-year-old Man in New York

I’ve just been one-upped by The New York Times, and I’m glad of it. In October, 2008, I did an essay for The Smart Set in tribute to my favorite…

Killing the Buddha

Free Lecture: Occult New York

If you’re intrigued by Alexander Zaitchik’s review of Occult America, and you’re in range of Brooklyn, be sure not to miss the next edition of James Hook’s Open City Dialogue…

New Yorker

New Yorker Sez to Buddha-kill on Thursday

When The New Yorker says jump, New Yorkers say, “Where, and from what time should I be an hour late, and are there free drinks?” It’s a good thing, too,…

The December 19th "panty ride" pauses at a stoplight in Hasidic Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Hipsters, Hasidim, and My Bike Lane

A couple weeks ago I was riding my usual route from home in Clinton Hill to the Williamsburg Bridge when I saw that the ground had shifted beneath my bicycle…

Killing the Buddha

New York Literati on Growing Up Evangelical

“Panels are the new party,” declared the moderator of a recent panel put on by n+1, the magazine-in-chief of New York’s determinedly serious set. If so, 2009 has been a…

Killing the Buddha

The Varieties of Unbelief and the Ghost of Richard Dawkins

When the City University of New York’s Graduate Center decided to convene last night’s session of its Great Issues Forum around the question, “What Are the Varieties of Unbelief?” they…

Timothy Keller, via Redeemer Seminary

The Big Placebo

Bet you can’t guess what Pastor Timothy Keller thinks Manhattan needs more of.

Killing the Buddha

He’s Kinda Cute, Maybe I Will?

Hi! Dan Halloran. Nice to meet you, Ms. Jensen. I’m a Republican running for City Council in your district. The robe? Well, I’m also the First Atheling of New Normandy……


Fuel for Truth

Taking the fight against Islamist terrorism to a New York nightclub.

Killing the Buddha

Reverend Billy Remembers Brad Will

Priya Warcry asks for New Yorkers to join Reverend Billy’s Rainforest themed parade from 5:30-6:30. Tuesday Oct 27th Reverend Billy joins with RainForest Relief, NYC Climate Action Group and Friends…


Can We Be “Good without God”?

A billboard erected near Chicago’s loop posses this question “Are you good without God?” with the answer, “Millions are.” Also, on Monday, October 26, 2009, Manhattan commuters will be greeted…