New York

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The Book of Gershon

The trials—and occasional licentiousness—of a reluctant prophet.


Resounding through Manhattan

Today I had the great privilege to join members of Resonanda, Brown University’s medieval music ensemble, for their one-day, unannounced New York tour (before you continue, go to Resonanda’s MySpace…

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My Big Fat Jewish Pregnancy

One woman’s navel-gazing over the meaning of Jewish life.


Cartwheels in a Sari

When you grow up cult, you learn to keep your mouth shut.

Killing the Buddha

Upcoming Events, NYC

This Friday, April 17th at 7:00 pm, Jayanti Tamm reads from her new book, Cartwheels in a Sari: A Memoir of Growing Up Cult, at The Mercantile Library, 17 East…

The man called Allah

The Man I Call Allah

Allah was born on February 22, 1928. His mother named him Clarence.

Looking west at Fulton and Washington Avenues

Attention Friends and Neighbors!

Making my merry way to breakfast past Fulton Street in Brooklyn this morning, the LORD raised up a mighty crowd in my path. They bore yellow balloons, wide smiles, and…

From the Times Square Church website

Saving the City, Saving the World

In New York people just know they’re sinners.

A Happy Purim

Ain’t No Party Like a …

Biking through Brooklyn. 10:30 pm on a Monday. You pass big hats—big ones. Music pumping from even more enormous vehicles. Hummers? No. Escalades? No again. Rented white RVs scattered through…

Sima's Undergarments for Women

Perfect Breasts

She finds the right bras for the right breasts. In Brooklyn. Underground.

Genesis on an egg in the Israel Museum

The Book of Weinstein

Unchoosing the religion of the chosen people

Saint Nicholas

Behind the Santa Suit

Lost in Yonkers with Old Saint Nick.

The 1954 Milan Indians: “the real Hoosiers”

Waiting for Chitwood

In Brooklyn, Jesus takes it to the hoop.

What is the sound of one man falling?

Fear of Falling

When terror strikes, what matters more — faith, or a weapon?

Bird in Space, 1923 Constantin Brancusi

Raw at Creation

What is the point of examining the soul in a time of fire?

Killing the Buddha

Silent Prayers

Why the state should not pray on September 11th.

Killing the Buddha

Tofu and War Gods

At a Chinese-food restaurant devoted to a god of war, wisdom and compassion are best served vegetarian-style.


Raised by Jews

Reflections on a belated apostasy.