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After the Bus Wreck

In which a half-Jew slaps some sensibility into would-be converters by encouraging worst-case scenarios.

Killing the Buddha

Wives Birthing Wives Birthing Wives

Childbirth is difficult enough without a picture of your leader who may or may not be checking out your goods (or scheduling your infant daughter’s marriage) smiling down at you…

Killing the Buddha

Islam and the LDS are Closer Than We’d Like

We want to protect you, especially certain parts of you Please don’t throw yourself down stairs or drink Cytotec to kill your babies. Your wombs want life, Ms. Judillas of…

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There Is No Such Thing as Half

What comes out when a Mormon and a Jew raise a kid?

Killing the Buddha

Baby Stealers

Buddha killer Kathryn Joyce presents a chilling story in this week’s Nation: “Shotgun Adoption,” an investigation of the use of anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” to coerce unmarried pregnant women into…

Killing the Buddha

Content to Find the Planet Mysterious and Beautiful

Peter Bebergal’s new piece on KtB, “Bedtime Stumblings,” has prompted a number of reactions. Over on our Facebook page, where some of our most vibrant discussions have been lately (become…


Bedtime Stumblings

Somewhere between Jedi and G.I. Joe, there must be an explanation.

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A ferry ride into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

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Religious Education

A Catholic mother’s faith made genuine by doubt.

Not so fast.

Birth Is Suffering

The Buddha named his son “Fetter” for a reason.

Killing the Buddha

The Little Servant of God

A new BBC documentary introduces the gospel’s most adorable foot soldier.

Killing the Buddha

Fairies or Princesses?

We recently received a delightful short essay from James Royce McGuire, writer of fiction and plays, called “The Fairy Land.” Let’s wander through it together! It’s extremely easy to lose…

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My Big Fat Jewish Pregnancy

One woman’s navel-gazing over the meaning of Jewish life.

Christ, detail from Crucifixion, by Cimabue (active 1270-1302)

Heart Failure

Jesus on the cross is one thing, but her father is another.

Monks in study hall

I Was a Zen Drop-out

When a teacher of Buddhism ditches her practice for motherhood, the real enlightenment begins.

Edith Wharton, b. 1862 - "'Edith? Is that you?' 'Yes,' the pen wrote, wobbling a little on its inky point."


What do you call yourself when names like skin can be shed?

"School is a fluid society… It can be no more than what we want it to be."

A Truancy Officer’s Tale

Jesus says kids had better stay in school—or he’ll send Robert Milner to bust their asses.