Speaking in Tongues of Fire

Glossolalia–not just for Pentecost anymore.

Kids in front of gas flare in Niger Delta, 2007 (© Elaine Gilligan)

A Series of Small Leaps

Writing about witchcraft, children, and desperation in the Niger Delta.


At the Judgment Seat

Now that I’m damned I’ve discovered a new capacity for wonder.


Pentecost in Mexico

The Jesus freak has a certain power to clear a room.

Clap Your Hands!

Catholic Boy Meets Jesus

Clap Your Hands! by Larry Tomsczak (Logos International, 1973). Clap Your Hands! is the autobiography of 23-year-old Larry Tomsczak, who, at the time of the book’s publishing, was the “nation’s only full-time Catholic evangelist.” It’s not surprising that later on in life, Larry parted ways with the Magisterium and started his own ministry. Larry’s story…

Looking west at Fulton and Washington Avenues

Attention Friends and Neighbors!

Making my merry way to breakfast past Fulton Street in Brooklyn this morning, the LORD raised up a mighty crowd in my path. They bore yellow balloons, wide smiles, and full-color fliers at the ready. The occasion? To announce the Grand Inauguration of the Cathedral of Faith tomorrow at 1091 Fulton. On the flyer is…

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

“I had on the hot pants, I said I wuz for sale! But Jesus wasn’t buyin.”