Two costumed Israelites talk as the crowd gathers for the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

Hill Cumorah

Scenes from the annual pageant of Mormon origins.



A photo-essay around the edges of worship.


Prayer Hands

Better than kitsch.

Venkat Srinivasan

A Tribute To Thanjavur

In South India, everyone’s paying homage to somebody.


This Is How My Garden Grows

The Communicant’s urban victory.


Dear Mr. Eggleston

When I hold your photograph, I’m looking at our car in the Sears parking lot in 1976, and time has collapsed.

Killing the Buddha


A Peruvian baby is adopted. 32 years later, she returns with her camera.


What’s on Your Shelf?

Ogle each other’s objects of devotion.

The author on the subway.

Postcards from My Chastity Pledge

Hell is other people’s multi-faith neighborhoods.

Meera's Shelf

Send Us Photos: What’s on Your Shelf?

We know you’ve got ’em.

The monks and the fire.

Fire-walking at Mount Takao

Mount Takao is located in a western, wooded stretch of greater Tokyo. It is a prime destination to take in the seasons and escape the asphalt island that is the…

Killing the Buddha

Scuba Diving Beneath Hagia Sophia

At BLDGBLOG, an alluring post about the liquid underbelly of a historic building. While scuba diving beneath Hagia Sophia, an exploratory team led by filmmaker Goksel Gülensoy has “managed to…


Transient Vapors

When I got home, when I got the camera, when I jumped out onto the fire escape to take a picture, it looked like this. This is all that was…

Killing the Buddha

African Purse-Sellers Praying the Salat

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Lessons by Lucas Foglia


What can a Cambodian monk offer three kids from Liberia?