Sister Corita.

Marian Apparition Research Trip

Dear Buddha-Killers in Charge, I need a ticket to Wisconsin to investigate the first validated Marian apparitions in the United States, at Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, WI. Oddly enough, there’s an unofficial Marian shrine at the site of some discounted Marian sightings in Necedah, Wisconsin. There’s something here, but I don’t think…

Photo by Rachel Signer.

Failing to Fast

Eating my way through Ramadan in Senegal.

Richard Smith as Henry David Thoreau. Photograph by Maria Lewis.

Becoming Thoreau

A living historian’s peculiar communion at Walden Pond.

Life in Year One

Life in Year Now

A pilgrimage in 21st-century Palestine.

In God We Trust.

Dear god,

An angry letter about Haiti from a pissed-off Pentecostal preacher.


The Hole World

Dirt eating in Chimayo, New Mexico.

"Blue mosque tourist" by Prof-B via Flickr

Revelation Road

After ditching the tour group, he’s got twenty-four hours and seven very important Turkish towns to see.

photo by David Katz/Obama for America

A Niche of a Prayer in a Vulnerable Place

A voyeur, a thief, and Barack Obama at the Wailing Wall.

Photo by Andrew Boyd

Pilgrimage to Nowhere – In the Beginning

Would an activists’s life have been better spent in the in the lotus position, seeking no-self?

Il Santo preaches to fish.

Tongue Kissing

The odd romance of relics and the people who love them.

"'Show some respect,' I told myself. After all, Mary is a Jewish mother."

The Only Jew for Miles

An unlikely pilgrim to Poland sees more, and less, than he’d hoped.

Killing the Buddha

I Ate Dirt

With a little bit of God mixed in, even dirt tastes good.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Still Seeing the Rebbe

Pilgrims at the Lubavitcher Grand Rabbi’s grave in Queens.

from the new book, The Orientalist Poster, by Abderrahman Slaoui

Advertising Allah

God is my cruise director. Orientalist travel posters sell art deco Islam to the Western world.