Impossible without a body: a song, (breath), and dust

An agnostic daughter redacts her creationist father’s work.

Photo by Sam Kestenbaum

Dream Palace of the Revolution

How will Yemen’s sacred places of protest be remembered?

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan surveys damage to City Hall on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012, in Oakland, Calif., following an Occupy Oakland protest Saturday. After a confrontation with police, demonstrators gained entrance to City Hall where they burned an American flag, overturned a vending machine, broke glass and toppled a model of City Hall. (AP Photo/Noah Berger) An image of Lenin was added by the blog San Francisco Citizen.

Occupy, from the Grave

A few weeks ago, Atchu was announced dead. disturbing to even mention someone’s passing, so afraid we are of the Reaper. like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Obama or any other who has…

Killing the Buddha

Ha Lachma Anya, A Poem for Passover

A poem for Passover.

by _cheryl, via flickr

The Eye of the Tiger

Life of Pi and the Orientalist mystique.

Killing the Buddha

That’s Mrs. Christ to You

Of course Lord Jesus has a wife! Not much of a surpriser Her name is the Roman Catholic Church Unwashed: now you are wiser

Hildegard von Bingen.

Tongues of Fire

A Pentecost revival song.

"Our Lady of Lebanon" by Rebecca Wilson via Flickr.

Missing Communion

“God liked people who could admit to their total raw fear.”

NuWine Press

The Poetry Contest You’ve Been Waiting For

Found in a cafe in Brooklyn.

American University blackout poetry.

Westboro Baptist: God Loves Poetry

Last week, the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to protest my university. Apparently, American University’s community is too open, too liberal, and ultimately too gay-friendly to go unaddressed. (See Josh…

The Holy Bible, King James style.

Richard Dawkins Loves the Bible

Richard Dawkins, the supposedly angry New Atheist constantly accused of knowing nothing about the religion he rails against, couldn’t even wait until January 1st to celebrate the 400th anniversary of…

Buddha's hand.

Buddha’s Hand (or, A Citron Variety from Whole Foods)

The oldest member of the citrus family reaches out, though it hails from far-away India and parts of China. Sensitive to frost, heat, drought, but no burden to the tree.…

"Tipner" by Mark Hooper via Flickr.

The Arrival

“The reeds we used to make our first bed bent easily…”

Killing the Buddha

“The famous, as we know, are nuts.”

Read “moving” and can’t get enough of Eileen Myles? Wanna know how to honor a dead poet and how to get hate mail that persists for a quarter century? (HINT:…

Photo by CS Muncy.


“People were getting auctioned up on stage but I didn’t see anything I wanted nor did I think I should be for sale.”

Photo courtesy of Heather Strait.


On the 21st-century passing of a 12th-century bard.

Killing the Buddha

We Blush at Papal Generosity

“Civil law … should always be followed.” Vatican, you’re the best!

"будда 298" by frage23 via Flickr

Sermon Fire

A cut-up/erasure of the Buddha’s Fire Sermon.