Killing the Buddha

Christmas Poem

there is a man on a street corner with a sign that reads “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” my wife suggests we take up the opposite corner holding…


Prayers the Gods Demand

For the winter solstice, the gods go betting.

Killing the Buddha

Ingrate Rejects Hajj Souvenirs

What the hell kind of souvenirs are these? Caftans? Prayer beads? Dates? I was hoping you’d bring me a t-shirt or a keychain or at the very least, a plastic…

Mini-bells by iowa spirit walker via Flickr

This Is All One Colon

Grappling with James Agee’s punctuation, one hundred years after his birth.

Killing the Buddha

Rebranding Sin

Sin! It might seem like fun at the time, but It’ll Bite You in the Ass (TM) @

Killing the Buddha

Please Don’t Tell Me What Hell Is

Rusty trailers barbed wire fences polygamy/molesting (natch) child labor nutjob leader “heaven on earth?” @

Killing the Buddha

Chuck Colson Talks Turkey

Youngsters, Things like the environment and hunger can wait. Or not. So we all starve to death or are drowned in tsunamis. Who cares? God doesn’t. What does God care…

Killing the Buddha

Woof ‘n’ Worship

From the Private Journal of Rev. Tom Eggebeen— November the 22nd, year of our Lord 2009 Woof ‘n’ Worship! My wild fancy has taken root and grown, grown beyond my…

Killing the Buddha

The Cafeteria Is Closed, Boyo

You want your Eucharist, Patrick, my lad? Go back to Boston @

Killing the Buddha

Youth Minister Discusses Catholic “Defectors”

In other words, the Mystical Body of Christ is the Hotel California @

Killing the Buddha

Christian Community Lifestyle, Eh?

This new radio PSA says I should have my documents safe in case “something happens” and it kinda freaks me out @

Killing the Buddha

Young and Hip!

Dear mainline Protestants, In the spirit of ecumenical sharing, here’s how you bring in the youngsters! (Believe me, these work) Guitars! Felt banners! Any and all of Ray Repp’s Mass…

Killing the Buddha

Passing a Note to the Catholic Bishops

Your Excellencies, In the name of religious cooperation, I have this friend, Mr. Massoom. Anyway, he gives these little seminars to mullahs I think you might find kind of enlightening.…

Killing the Buddha

The Bishop of Rome Likes Your Link

Mary K! LOL! Go to confession. What? It was only a joke! Your jokes wound the Lord, MK. Now. 🙂 @

Killing the Buddha

Creep’s Health Declines in Custody

Dr. Berkman, Repeatedly kidnapping and raping girls sorta already made Tony Alamo (leader of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries) a “walking time bomb.” @

Killing the Buddha

Priests in Space

Souls are souls, even extraterrestrial But please, dear Vatican astronomers, take a moment and read The Sparrow @

Killing the Buddha

That Anglican Divorce Thing (Again!)

Your Holiness, we didn’t see this one coming— Anglican congregations are divorcing—amicably! They’re all “No thanks, Rome, we’re cool. We’re even praying for each other.” We know, Your Holiness. They…

Killing the Buddha

Abortion Issue: Solved!

Once we’re sufficiently full of plastics reproduction might cease anyway @ @