The Poem of Force

Some time ago, a dear friend shared with me a photocopy of some sections of Simone Weil’s essay The Iliad or The Poem of Force. I remember being haunted by…

Killing the Buddha

Truly It is a Good Friday

Chemo and pulling ivy are far preferable to incense, stations and kissing the cold feet of Jesus.

By artlog via Flickr

Ash Wednesday Already

How’s a girl supposed to go about mourning in a world like this?

Killing the Buddha

the ineffable

H.S. Haid sent us a nice letter that’s worth sharing (note, however, that we’re not quite “brothers”—3/4 of the KtBniks are women these days!): Bless you my brothers, for I…



Keeping the home fires burning.


Beyond Nepotism

We rarely publish poetry here at KtB, but this week one of our own (which is to say me, Laurel Snyder, the person typing this) has released a book of…

 "And the sea stopped raging..."  - From Pennyroyal Caxton Press Edition of the Holy Bible, Barry Moser, Illustrator

Thou Celestial Agency

A tempest-tossed excerpt from Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible.


Hold the Fig Leaves

Of grumbling shepherds, forgotten fig leaves and God’s dirty veins.

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

“I had on the hot pants, I said I wuz for sale! But Jesus wasn’t buyin.”