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"SUBURBAN UTOPIA - Jefferson, Ohio" by  joiseyshowaa, via Flickr.

Car Culture Audio

The purposeless driven life of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

Killing the Buddha

Killing the Crab-Buddha on MasterChef

To some extent, the goal of all reality TV competitions is to make their contestants uncomfortable. The stress is sometimes physical (how many cockroaches can you eat?) and sometimes mental (there’s a camera in every room of your house!). But what happens when the conflict is spiritual? Last week on MasterChef, host Gordon Ramsay announced…

Michael Jackson

American Jesus: Glam for God

After feasting on Andy Warhol’s rendition of the Last Supper at the Brooklyn Museum, I attended the opening of David LaChapelle’s American Jesus with some anticipation. After all, this noted postmodern fashion photographer, who has been shooting celebrities for magazines like Rolling Stone for over twenty years, got his start when Andy Warhol invited him…

God may not have appeared to Mother Theresa, but He needs to promote His book.

“Jesus” for Sale

Cutting the Christian cheese at Book Expo America.

Killing the Buddha

Moshpit Muslim

Last year, KtB published a piece about the power of a lapel pin by Michael Muhammad Knight. This month, in The National, Bidoun editor Michael C. Vazquez explores Knight’s work, as novelist, essayist, pilgrim, master’s student at Harvard Divinity School, ex-wrestler, and — as the title of the article states — godfather of Muslim punk…

Mellissa Hughes and Matt Marks on the "The Little Death: Vol. 1" album cover.

Blessing the Childish

Jesus as cockblock in Matt Marks’ post-Christian nihilist pop-opera.

Illustration by Mary Valle.

Won’t Someone Think About the Parishioners?

A KtB reporter was on the streets when the news broke about Mel Gibson’s tirades. Our concern: his flock at his own Church of the Holy Family in Malibu. The wee church, which supports 70 or so members with a mere $42 million in assets, holds Tridentine Masses for so-called “traditional” Catholics who reject the…

Christ 112 times

Andy Warhol’s Last Supper

A few months after Andy Warhol’s death on February 27, 1987, Vanity Fair published an article by Warhol’s friend, the art historian John Richardson. He stated, “You never understand Andy Warhol unless you know that he came from a very religious, Ukrainian Byzantine background and that he remained a church goer and a religious person…

Saturday's Warrior

The Communicant’s Summer Jamz!

I had a hankerin’ for Tommy Brew’s unpopular Youth Mass 1970 album. Considered a riposte to Ray Repp (whom Brew considered to be overly sentimental), the songs were never performed in public other than one recital for campers at Camp Ekon on Lake Joseph, Ontario, where it was very well-received. The songs, which include the…

Tiger Woods at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

The end of the world and Tiger Woods.

Dennis Hopper

In Honor of Hopper

Yesterday arrived this somewhat inexplicable letter of loose threads, which somehow, in its entirety, seems like the best tribute to Dennis Hopper, who died last week, that we could offer. From: Nancy Langenwalter Location: Location of purchase cialis online what? Wichita Kansas Subject: About “Hallejuha ” This has been an interesting morning for me after…

Jason Castro on American Idol: "Praise Yahweh."

A Cold and a Broken “Hallelujah”

Leonard Cohen’s song, baptized by American Idol.

Killing the Buddha

Miss USA, Hyphenated

She stumbled a bit on her evening gown, but ended the night standing tall. Rima Fakih, a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant from Dearborn, MI, won the Miss USA Pageant Sunday night. Although official pageant records are sketchy, Fakih likely became the first Arab-American to don the crown. Praise erupted for the minor, albeit significant, cultural milestone.…

Glenn Beck in tears.

Brother Beck Presents

Glenn Beck’s Mormon masterpiece theater.

Thomas Brew's 4

Four is the Loneliest Number

You never know what you’re going to find once you put on your miner’s helmet and head into the KtB stacks. Sometimes, you strike gold. As in this bona fide relic from Catholic rock history: Yes! It’s Tommy Brew’s change-of-address card from his so-called “lost years” at the Loyola Retreat House! Tommy Brew, a cult…

Killing the Buddha

#Pontifigate Fever

Friend-of-KtB Sascha Freudenheim brought this clip to my attention: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c You’re Welcome – Church Scandal Prevention www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party which I, obviously, enjoyed. Then, F.O.KtB Sascha suggested a Twitter campaign to get John Hodgman of the Daily Show…

Life After People on the History Channel

Smell You Later, Jesus

Sometimes odd things cheer me up. Sometimes I get into moods, OK? Maybe sometimes I get into certifiable mood disorders which may or may not be detailed in the DSM-IV? Maybe sometimes I get in the car in said moods and have odd accidents? Maybe for this reason my husband has named the worst of…

Killing the Buddha

Turn off the History Channel and Read an Article

Whenever I see an ad for or flip past a showing of one of those History Channel “religion” documentaries—something about Revelation or Nostradamus or the Bible Code—there arises a feeling of all the mighty, righteous indignation my stomach can bring itself to squeeze out. I know, I should enjoy it, it’s just entertainment, like the…