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“[Streisand] is much more beautiful than ‘pretty’ people…. The banality of mere prettiness is a blight on American movies.”

The Long Moan

What did Pauline Kael really think about Jews on film anyway?

“You will not wear upon yourself a garment made of two different kinds of materials.” -- Leviticus


Don’t blame Gap ads for the current trend in fashion. A look at the history of the Devil’s vogue.

"Ian is baptised," from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Baptism

It’s all Greek to them. Sacraments are just obstacles when a family’s tradition is at stake.

Gibson's Reverend Hess: "I will not waste one more minute of my life on prayer!"

Signs of the Father

Has God been reduced to cinematic sleights-of-hand?

Gillian Welch, by James McKelvey, 2001

The Revelator

Gillian Welch is no holy roller, but she’s not lying when she sings about God.

An elf spotted recently on the New York City subway.

Elven Like Me

They don’t just make cookies anymore — elves and other changelings are

Love Me Do

Love Me Do

A meditation on love songs and the rhetoric of True Love.

The Ringwraiths

The Lord, and the Rings

Can Hollywood answer the perennial question: Who was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings?

He's much taller in person.

In Pop We Trust

Has Tom Cruise abandoned Scientology for Bob Dylan?


Save Me Somebody: Bruce Springsteen’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Covenant

The Boss will take you to the river if you help him get there.

Riders for God

Real Death Angels

Confesssions of an outlaw Christian biker.