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Just a Game

Can a video game be a real religion?


Studying Religion Is Revolutionary in China

Like pretty much everything else over there right now, religion is a growth industry in China. After decades of official repression a whole bunch of new religious movements—and, even more, new forms of old religions—are gathering steam. Trying to get a handle on this from back here in New York, I did an interview with…

Killing the Buddha

Maybe Religion Has a Future After All

Travel back in time to, say, the early seventies and—obviously, first things first—get thee to the closest sociology department. What you’ll probably find when you start asking about religion is lots of talk about how, and how soon, the whole mess will disappear into an invisible, private emptiness, having been vanquished by the onslaught of…

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.