The Abayudaya's Moses Synagogue, on Nabugoye Hill outside of Mbale, Uganda. Photo by Jay Sand, (c) 2003 <em>Scattered Among the Nations</em>

Lugandan Psalms

The Jews of Uganda get an ‘A’ for effort when it comes to atonement. But is that enough?

Behind the Pulpit

Behind the Pulpit

“Are you talking to me?” and other tough-love questions from the Church.

"My one-girl betrayal of the Catholic community was something I kept to myself."

Oh Come On, All Ye Faithful

A Christmas story about lost faith and the routine of prayer.

Killing the Buddha

Silent Prayers

Why the state should not pray on September 11th.

This is not the author and his father.

This is Your Life

Night falls on the church of our fathers. Should we care? Should we pray?


Carolina Miracle Shack

What does a miracle look like? Three opinions, as revealed in Henderson, North Carolina.

"You sly universal virus with no fucking opinion..."

Prayer for You

How do you get God’s attention? Try sweet talking his girlfriend.


Zen Mind, Alkie Mind

Lust, Liquor, and Bill W.’s Elegant American Buddhism.



“Lecturing to a conference of American monastics, Dr. Luc Clement raises a femur above his head and waves it like a flashlight on a runway.”