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I Was A Teenage Lemming God

A harmless rodent with vast existential consequences.


The Perfect Victim

Have you noticed those suing against same-sex marriage are all extraordinarily nice?

William Lane Craig, from his July 2013 email newsletter.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Philosopher

Life lessons from the Christian apologist William Lane Craig.

"They said father didn't keep his Life Insurance paid up!"—advertisement for Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Truth-Telling in Vulgaria

Questions for Kathryn Joyce, who bursts the international Christian adoption bubble in her new book, The Child Catchers.

Killing the Buddha

Do Pro-Lifers Have a Prayer?

While the Templeton Foundation and other quasi-scientific-spiritual think tanks fund massive studies exploring the efficacy of prayer, we here at Killing the Buddha would like to offer a simpler and far cheaper method to ascertain if praying to God actually works. As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, let us…

The Naked Pastor,

The Day U.S. Evangelicalism Died

As reported in Religion Dispatches, on December 16th, 2012, U.S. evangelicalism uttered its last breath. On this day, Fox News pundit Mike Huckabee (a.k.a. Mr. “More Conversation, Less Confrontation”) joined forces with Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer to proclaim that the school massacre in Newtown,…

The New Hate by Arthur Goldwag.

Haters in the Public Square

Thursday evening I’m driving up Connecticut Avenue on my way to my reading at Politics & Prose and the cab driver has NPR on the radio. All Things Considered is talking about CPAC, which is kicking off just blocks away, and the GOP’s new national front runner, Rick Santorum. They play a snippet from one…

The New Hate by Arthur Goldwag.

Why I Wrote The New Hate

Back in 2009, I published a book called Cults, Conspiracies and Secret Societies—a serious-minded but basically gee-whiz impulse-buy type compendium of odd, offbeat, and scary beliefs and belief systems. “Mystics,” I wrote in its introduction, “believe that multiplicity and change are illusory; that everything is ultimately interconnected…that our universe is a cosmic One in which…

Screening Room.

Mobilize and Contemplate

What’s spiritually at stake in The Tree of Life?

"Empire State Building" by Johan Hansson, via Flickr.

Whose College?

God, money, and power beneath the Empire State Building.

Killing the Buddha

Re: You did it!

I did it. I’m sorry. From: Christian Coalition of America <> Date: Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 9:34 PM Subject: You did it! To: Kiera Feldman Dear Friend, You did it!  You made it happen! All across America, millions of pro-family conservatives flocked to the polls and took part in the most historic US election since…

Image from Series Seating promotional materials.

Middle Ground with Jerry Falwell?

An interview With Gina Welch, author of In the Land of Believers.


Who’s Amish Now?

Is avoiding the health care mandate worth fastening your clothes with straight pins?

Killing the Buddha

Jeff Sharlet and Rev. Sekou Duke It Out

Okay, actually it’s not so much a brass-knuckles match-to-the-death as it is a friendly conversation about the not-so-friendly religious right. And at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, no less. These videos, thanks to Ty Whitfield and Damal Edmond at the Society, capture some of the highlights of the October 29 Killing the Buddha/Forum for…

Timothy Keller, via Redeemer Seminary

The Big Placebo

Bet you can’t guess what Pastor Timothy Keller thinks Manhattan needs more of.

** File ** In this July 12, 2006 file photo Rick Warren, a pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church in Orange County, California is seen in Seoul, South Korea. Both Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are scheduled to appear seperately at a forum at Warren's California megachurch Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008, spending one hour each with Warren, before coming together on stage for a handshake. The pastor, who does not endorse candidates, will be the only one asking questions.   (AP Photo/Vincent Yu, File)

Icons of the New Evangelicalism

Why all the little beards?

Killing the Buddha

Galt Almighty

Bad news: Ayn Rand’s Alas Shrugged— sales of which are booming — is going to become a movie, starring Angelina Jolie, who will channel her father’s conservative politics and dip as deeply as she can into the shallows of her own politics of narcissism to portray the doorstopper’s protagonist Dagny Taggert, witness to the ubermensch…

No Union upon any terms.
Th. Nast

(Dis)Integrating Church and State

Someone might be tinkering with God’s voting machine.