Killing the Buddha

Passing a Note to the Catholic Bishops

Your Excellencies, In the name of religious cooperation, I have this friend, Mr. Massoom. Anyway, he gives these little seminars to mullahs I think you might find kind of enlightening.…

Killing the Buddha

The Bishop of Rome Likes Your Link

Mary K! LOL! Go to confession. What? It was only a joke! Your jokes wound the Lord, MK. Now. 🙂 @

Killing the Buddha

Creep’s Health Declines in Custody

Dr. Berkman, Repeatedly kidnapping and raping girls sorta already made Tony Alamo (leader of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries) a “walking time bomb.” @

Killing the Buddha

Priests in Space

Souls are souls, even extraterrestrial But please, dear Vatican astronomers, take a moment and read The Sparrow @

Killing the Buddha

That Anglican Divorce Thing (Again!)

Your Holiness, we didn’t see this one coming— Anglican congregations are divorcing—amicably! They’re all “No thanks, Rome, we’re cool. We’re even praying for each other.” We know, Your Holiness. They…

Killing the Buddha

Abortion Issue: Solved!

Once we’re sufficiently full of plastics reproduction might cease anyway @ @

Killing the Buddha

They’re Not on Ships!

Cialis Soft generic online uk

Killing the Buddha

True Religion Falls on Weak Earnings, Downgrade

At first glance, I thought this headline referred to the One True Faith Guess that serves them right for trying to boonswoggle people about the nature of  $300 cotton pants…

Killing the Buddha

The Boston Archdiocese Flu Protocol

Good news, Bostonians! No more limp handshakes and mumbled greetings of peace— you shall also be spared the embarrassing holding of strangers’ sweaty hands through an interminable singing of the…

Killing the Buddha

Bring Back Catholic Horror (Especially Dashing Jesuits Like Fr. Karras, am I Right, Ladies?)

House of the Devil might be promising— but I wish they’d bring back horror movies with heroic, Satan- banishing priests @

Killing the Buddha

Just Toss the Used Ones on the Floor

“They said they went after girls with low self-esteem, prior sexual experience and a lack of options.” America: land of the free home of the brave mass incubator of potential…

Killing the Buddha

Jewish Without the Big-Noseness

My RSS feeds were crawling with Jewish International Conspiracy today. (It was a welcome break from learning that my other favorite religion, Catholicism, is going back on its longtime and…

Killing the Buddha

Bread of life Ă  la James Beard

The body of Christ is best enjoyed with great lashings of butter and thinly sliced onions (More at Instant Poetry)

by krandolph via Flickr

The Book of Gershon

The trials—and occasional licentiousness—of a reluctant prophet.


Mark Twain’s Eden

When I was little, one of my favorite movies was The Adventures of Mark Twain, a claymation video that wove together bits and pieces from some favorite Twain stories. I…

By Gurumustuk Singh via Flicker

Devotion Commotion

The ambivalent state of the acolyte.

Killing the Buddha

Finallly. A New Bible.

Well it’s about time someone wrote a new Bible. Thank God – ehem – that it was this guy named Jeff. (NOT SHARLET). From the always dependable Onion: Thi Buy…