Is Tom Leaving Scientology For Suri?

Could be? Who knows? I don’t want to set myself up for heartbreak again. I love too much and I hope too much and I never ever give up on some people. Tom Cruise is one of them. I need to maintain an even keel here. This article is gossip; it has nothing to do…

Killing the Buddha

Means of Demolishing Thetans

JonJ in Philadelphia writes, responding to J. C. Hallman’s recent essay, “Killing the Thetan,” a critique of Lawrence Wright’s widely-discussed story on Scientology: Yes, Wright’s piece in the New Yorker is straight journalism, but just because it follows the canons of that branch of literature, I think it is all the more convincing a demolition…

"2008-03-15 Anonymous Hollywood Scientology protest" by Jason Scragz, via Flickr.

Killing the Thetan

On what The New Yorker’s coverage of Scientology lacks.

Killing the Buddha

Getting Clear in Haiti

As reported by ABC News, “hope for Haiti came courtesy of John Travolta who flew in with four tons of medical supplies and food for earthquake victims.” The report added that on this plane was his wife, Kelly Preston, doctors and representatives from the Church of Scientology. Prior to this trip, Travolta told Entertainment Tonight…

Killing the Buddha

I Would Use My Last Ounce of Strength to Freak Out

There’s been an attack or an earthquake and you’re waiting for help lying on the ground, possibly bleeding and who shows up? Some dick with an e-meter (source)

Killing the Buddha

Katie’s Mom Strikes Back

Dear Katie, How are things? Enclosed are some some books we picked up on our trip to Tuscany last summer. We found a nice man in our parish who agreed to translate them for us, so we just thought we’d go ahead and email the manuscripts to you. (This is private, right? You have a…

Killing the Buddha


To: TC From: DM/Gold Base Tom, we need you. The Valkyrie thing? You took it to the Germans. Now it’s this French thing. They need your teeth of truth. They need us to spring them from their trap, so here’s the deal. Napoleon. In French. You need to speak to them. In their own archaic…

Mitzvah Tank-5th Avenue

Who Will Save Manhattan?

New York’s summer evangelism season isn’t what it used to be.

Killing the Buddha

Jewish Without the Big-Noseness

My RSS feeds were crawling with Jewish International Conspiracy today. (It was a welcome break from learning that my other favorite religion, Catholicism, is going back on its longtime and necessary support for health care reform.) First, Sarah Silverman gets some Kabbalah—or Kabbalah—in L.A. and explains what makes it different from Scientology. (Hat tip to…

Night falls on a Testing Center.

The Choice is Yours

How would William James rate on a Scientology E-meter? An excerpt from the new book, The Devil is a Gentleman.