Out of Orthodoxy

New books map the space between Chasidism and the outside world.


Calvary Won’t Set you Free

Small parables about the possibilities of life beyond Catholicism.

Killing the Buddha

The Atheist Churches Are Coming!

The Sunday Assembly, an atheist church service dreamed up by British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans as a “godless congregation that celebrates life” hits U.S. shores today with an…

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Just a Game

Can a video game be a real religion?


Studying Religion Is Revolutionary in China

Like pretty much everything else over there right now, religion is a growth industry in China. After decades of official repression a whole bunch of new religious movements—and, even more,…

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Why I Am Not a Mystic

When the love of God isn’t the right kind of love.


Share Your Secular Story

The friendly secular fellow over at NonProphet Status, Chris Stedman, has just announced a new essay contest, Share Your Secular Story, which may be something y’all will be interested in:…


Theology for Atheists

At the Guardian today, I’ve got a short bit about secular, mainly Continental philosophers who, in recent years, have turned to theology: [Slavoj Zizek] is one of several leading thinkers…

Killing the Buddha

New York Literati on Growing Up Evangelical

“Panels are the new party,” declared the moderator of a recent panel put on by n+1, the magazine-in-chief of New York’s determinedly serious set. If so, 2009 has been a…

Killing the Buddha

The Varieties of Unbelief and the Ghost of Richard Dawkins

When the City University of New York’s Graduate Center decided to convene last night’s session of its Great Issues Forum around the question, “What Are the Varieties of Unbelief?” they…

Killing the Buddha

The Practice of Questioning

This came in a letter from Bruce Illig: Hello Editors,  I just finished Jeff’s book [The Family], and had to subscribe to your site’s newsletter and become a facebook fan…

Killing the Buddha

Relics & Renovations

One of the reasons KtB has seemed dead these past few months is that we (some of us, anyway) were off on a lengthy Near Eastern adventure. We spent much…

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Image Conscious

Dara Horn sets out to write the Great American Yiddish Novel — in English.

Smells Like Christian Spirit

The Young and the Angstless

A new book about GenX Christians shows just how god-damned happy they really are.


Raised by Jews

Reflections on a belated apostasy.

Works Project Administrative Bricklayer, courtesy of the WPA Archive

Do the Right Thing, Damn It

America’s leading theologian on laying bricks and taking the Lord’s name in vain.

from the new book, The Orientalist Poster, by Abderrahman Slaoui

Advertising Allah

God is my cruise director. Orientalist travel posters sell art deco Islam to the Western world.

Dante, not a cannibal.

Hannibal Lecter’s Harrowing of Hell

From the Inferno to Paradise with a cannibal pilgrim.