"Adam and Eve Temptation 1," Oleg Maslov & Viktor Kouznetsov

Genesis, At Rest

When Adam and Eve fall, they fall hard.

The Mirror and the Leash

The Mirror and the Leash

Private Lynndie England pictures fashion and fascism in Abu Ghraib.

"What makes this night different from every other night?"

Sabbath Queen

On Friday nights, God likes to watch.

The Consecration of Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Souls on Ice

In a New Hampshire hockey rink, a gay bishop skates into Episcopal history.

“[Streisand] is much more beautiful than ‘pretty’ people…. The banality of mere prettiness is a blight on American movies.”

The Long Moan

What did Pauline Kael really think about Jews on film anyway?


Ignoble Truths

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Sex, suffering, and the Buddha’s First Noble Truth.

The Origin of the World Gustave Coubert, 1866 (detail)


Art that redeems the world appears at first ugly. But look. Look again.

This is not the author and his father.

This is Your Life

Night falls on the church of our fathers. Should we care? Should we pray?


Sex, Shoes, and California Zen

Growing pains and hanky panky at the San Francisco Zen Center.

Killing the Buddha

Judas and the Priests

This Easter, Boston Catholics find 30 million pieces of silver in their baskets.

Klaus Kinski in "Marquis de Sade: Justine"

The Marquis de Sade and St. Valentine

The Marquis de Sade, sexual liberator or sexual deviant? And St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers and the original international man of mystery.



Sneak a peek at Siddhartha’s not-so-immaculate conception.


Sects and the City, Part 2

Kosher sex and treyf love: Is dating just another way of mixing milk and meat?


The Mucus

Catholics. Sex. Insert punchline here.