sexual abuse

Available September 4, 2018. Click cover to learn more.

An Oral History of Shame

An Excerpt From Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free

this woman is reflecting on herself by looking in the mirror

When A Guru Says “Get Over Yourself,” Beware

#MeToo moments in Buddhism and psychotherapy.


Forgiveness in the Epoch of Me Too

Whose job is it, anyway?


Calvary Won’t Set you Free

Small parables about the possibilities of life beyond Catholicism.

God's Recycling

Possible Future Child-Slavery Plans

“… minutes after witnessing the marriage of his 15-year-old daughter in Nevada, the 41-year-old Oler collected a 15-year-old bride of his own and took her home to Bountiful.” (source) Warren…

Killing the Buddha


As Catholic church abuse scandals continue to emerge worldwide, there is a new way that that those in positions of authority, but who are not ordained priests, are taking advantage of their parishioners.…

All Priests Show

Schedule Change

From the Desk of the Principal The Very Special School 11 Leafy Lane East Coast, USA Dear Parents, As you all know, our middle school Divinity Club has worked really…

menorah ipod

A Hanukkah Miracle

Nes Katan Hayah Po. A small miracle happened here. Here, of all places, on the Metro Transit Authority’s turf. That’s what I thought, at least, when I stepped off the…


Dispatch from Catholic Camp

I was recently digging in the KtB archives, researching my upcoming coffee-table book of Catholic summer camps, Our Lady of the Woods. I found this oddity—a postcard from a Catholic…

Killing the Buddha

Reverend Phelps, Your Cause Is Just!

Occasionally KtB just can’t resist sharing its space with some of the wild letter-writers we hear from on a regular basis. They, after all, are part of the cacophony choir,…

Killing the Buddha

“Clerical Impropriety” Is So Hot Right Now

Those of you who thought Buddhism was still the proverbial last righteous man in Sodom might be disappointed to read August 20th’s New York Times. In his article “Sex Scandal…

First Baptist Church at Greene Street at Eigth Street in Augusta, Georgia, birthplace of the Southern Baptist Convention. Photo by Sir Mildred Pierce, via Flickr.

All Part of His Plan

A new book bears witness to Baptist sexual abuse.

Killing the Buddha

#Pontifigate Fever

Friend-of-KtB Sascha Freudenheim brought this clip to my attention: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c You’re Welcome – Church Scandal Prevention Daily Show…

Killing the Buddha

Who Should Confess, and Who Absolve?

Our own Peter Manseau has a powerful piece in the Washington Post today, which brings his own mother’s experience with sex abuse at the hands of a priest to bear…

Pie chart

Secret Vatican Pie Chart Revealed

To: Fr. Cantalassa, Fr. Lombardi, Cardinal Bertone From: “Joe” Subject: Recent Annoyances If the questions persist, stick to the plan. Remember: clockwise around the pie, for our Lord most high.…

Killing the Buddha

We Blush at Papal Generosity

“Civil law … should always be followed.” Vatican, you’re the best!

Barry Manilow

The “Silly Season”

This is sung to the chorus of “Mandy” by Barry Manilow. Oh Ross, You came and you wrote about rapists It was a nice try, oh Ross Blamin’ it all…

"Adam and Eve - (almost anatomically correct!) bar tools set" by EraPhernalia Vintage (here . . . every now & then) via Flickr

Adam’s Family Jewels

Keep that Bible out of reach of children.