Fallen and Alone in Manchester

A new movie carries the world on its shoulders.

by isawasi, via Flickr

Crapping My Sacred Underwear

The Lord literally covers the asses of his children.


A Story of Sloth

When I heard that the Stoop Storytelling Series in Baltimore was presenting a show on the Seven Deadly Sins, I knew right away that I wanted to tell a story…

Killing the Buddha

Sin and Sainthood on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, the KtBniks have unearthed a gem (or, for the sake of terminological consistency, a bone, a shroud, a hair…) from the dusty shelves of the KtB reliquary. …

Confession Bot

Whither Thou, Reconciliation?

Maureen Dowd and NPR report on a new iPhone app which is supposed to provide a “cheat sheet” for confession. Ideally, this app will get Catholics back in the box.…

Courtesy of the internet meme.

Cutting It Out

Watching movies with Mormons.

Killing the Buddha

Idiots with Wings

Bill Plympton’s animated Angel is a selfish and morally bankrupt man, a cartoon character who could give the Grinch a run for this money and probably scare the bejesus out…

Who Knows All About Your Sin?

The Sin Racket

When I quit drinking, I went to some AA meetings for a while; it was the thing to do. I think I went to my first one at the age…


Sex and Being Seen

Robert Wright (whom I recently interviewed in these pages) has an online essay at The New York Times today about what the world’s newfound Internetedness means for sexual infidelity. Some…

Killing the Buddha

Rebranding Sin

Sin! It might seem like fun at the time, but It’ll Bite You in the Ass (TM) @

Killing the Buddha

Counting Sins

JoAnn Wypijewski distills in one sentence what has been bothering me about the liberal response to Mark Sanford’s love troubles: “Christians thunder; liberals sneer, but it amounts to the same…

Why I Am Still a Catholic

Keeping it Medieval

Can Catholics continue to overlook the Church’s crimes and misdemeanors?

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Sins of the City

The Buddha Killers preach fire and brimstone against those who would make the city clean.



In God’s waiting room with a nation of unbaptized babies.

Killing the Buddha

The Doctrine of Sugar

Chocolate, cherry pie, and all that can’t be left behind.

Riders for God

Real Death Angels

Confesssions of an outlaw Christian biker.