Killing the Buddha

Lake Comeagain

KtB’s devoted cryptozoologist and volunteer typesetter, David Lloyd Rabig, has been moonlighting as an archivist over at A Prairie Home Companion. The other day when we were waiting for our…

Killing the Buddha

Jeff Sharlet Fall Book Tour

Following are some of the events I’ll be doing this fall in support of my new book, Sweet Heaven When I Die, and around other topics. I’ll probably be adding…

Chava Rosenfarb

For Every Life Saved

The last Yiddish writer. A story from the newest book to come out of KtB, Sweet Heaven When I Die.


The Lingering Loveliness of Long Things

When was the last time someone read you a (really long) story?

"Tea Party tax day protest 2010" by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr.

Outside a Tea Party

Mongrel politics and an American mind.

Hayy performs surgery on the doe.

Alive, Son of Awake

Hayy Bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl. In Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings, edited by Muhammad Ali Khalidi (Cambridge University Press, 2005) Fitting, I think, that what is regarded as the world’s…

"Lost" season four promotional image.

Against Closure

Why television’s Lost should resist the urge to tell all.

David Plante

Essential Stories

I like to think of Blaise Pascal, though fiction didn’t much concern him, when trying to understand why fiction has more and more been reduced to details of quotidian life…

Killing the Buddha

Content to Find the Planet Mysterious and Beautiful

Peter Bebergal’s new piece on KtB, “Bedtime Stumblings,” has prompted a number of reactions. Over on our Facebook page, where some of our most vibrant discussions have been lately (become…

Marc Chagall, La Danse

Must One Describe?

The air here is always dry. Thin, but also thick. A white pipe the width of a soda can reaches from floor to ceiling, making the never-ending music of a…

Genesis on an egg in the Israel Museum

The Book of Weinstein

Unchoosing the religion of the chosen people

Mansur al-Hallaj hanged and stoned.

How to Make a Martyr

When a death becomes larger than life, memory hangs in the balance.

Il Santo preaches to fish.

Tongue Kissing

The odd romance of relics and the people who love them.

"You be the prophet. Go ahead."

Please Don’t Feed the Prophet

What would you do if you got a note from God? Would you sell it on Ebay? Would you call the cops?

A monk said to Joshu, "Hey Moe!" Joshu said, "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk..."

Ouga Chaka Zen

With a pie in the face or a poke in the eye, the rhyme and reason of Buddhism remains as elusive as ever.


Ignoble Truths

Life’s a bitch and then you die. Sex, suffering, and the Buddha’s First Noble Truth.


Amos Awake

Reading the book he’ll never write.

The Tucumcari Devils, New Mexico High School Champions, 2000

Lost Temple of the Pennytitties

Tall tales and blood libel in the New Mexican desert.