Artist's rendering of the proposed national German Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

An Immodest Proposal

The Berlin Holocaust memorial threatens closure for a wound the author wants to remain open.

"You sly universal virus with no fucking opinion..."

Prayer for You

How do you get God’s attention? Try sweet talking his girlfriend.

Lone Ranger and Tonto, 1998

Like the Goddamn Internet

James Martin’s strange paintings make him the Martin Luther of the art world.


Who Do You Love: The Gospel of Punk

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the Oblivians, evangelists of the holy party.

Oklahoma City

The Joy of Dissent, or Why I Miss Fundamentalism

Timothy McVeigh and the impossibility of transcending the market.

Detail of Renee Cox, in The Pieta, by Renee Cox

Yo Mama’s Orthodoxy

The mayor, the artist, and the sacred faith of the elite.

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.