summer camp

Killing the Buddha

Cowboy for Christ

Gender-bending love at Bible camp. From Believer, Beware, now available as an e-book!

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The Preacher

Or, How Ecclesiastes Changed My Life

"Class War," a banner-drop in Oakland on November 2. By Nathan Jongewaard.

Fuck Your Prayer, Show Me Solidarity

A coming-out story in an age of predatory credit.

Killing the Buddha

Love in Action, Except Not

For those who wonder how they can respond when they see Michele Bachmann’s husband and other ex-gay activists spewing hatred, the documentary This is Love in Action demonstrates what can happen when…

Blurry Cub Scouts

Nerdjacking Old Glory

An irritable butch dyke with a fifth of Southern Comfort does her duty at a Boy Scout jamboree.


Dispatch from Catholic Camp

I was recently digging in the KtB archives, researching my upcoming coffee-table book of Catholic summer camps, Our Lady of the Woods. I found this oddity—a postcard from a Catholic…

Believer Beware

Cowboy for Christ

From Believer, Beware: Gender-bending love at Christian camp.

Bible Porn

Bible Porn

Sometimes corrupting children is a religious duty.

“For most people, ‘Kum Ba Ya’ is the canonical Christian camp hymn.”

I Am a Sea

Learning to speak a new language is never easy, especially one that is already dead.