Look For The Signs

The Messengers is another supernatural mystery from a network, the CW, known for vampires, zombies, demons, angels, and other monsters that go bump in the night. I watched the first…

ghost photo

Real Life Ghostbusting in Gotham

This just in, coming up at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, the home of Jay Bakker’s hipster church and the proof for the existence of Santa: NEW YORK PARANORMAL Real…

Hecate, goddess of witches

You’re Not in Oz, Anymore

From Believer, Beware: the KtBniks meet a real witch in Kansas.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Built in 1938.

The False Science

Testing the limits of tolerance on a psychic’s new book.

Killing the Buddha

Fairies or Princesses?

We recently received a delightful short essay from James Royce McGuire, writer of fiction and plays, called “The Fairy Land.” Let’s wander through it together! It’s extremely easy to lose…


My Skyhawk Guardian Angel

What happens when Jesus is the victim of a hit and run?


The Domovoi

Can an ancient Russian ghost shed some light on a modern marriage in trouble?