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Jesus! Murder! High-five!

Last Saturday, my daughter and I and our mother-daughter friends Rachel and Ruby enjoyed a lovely tour of the White House, which I have dubbed Crafting Versailles. Everything is perfect…


Be Not Afraid (Of So-Called Apocalypses)

NASA and the Vatican agree: the Mayan apocalypse isn’t going to happen. Sure, there’s that calendar and all, but guess what? The Mayans ran out of room on the stone. Do I…

Killing the Buddha

That’s Mrs. Christ to You

Of course Lord Jesus has a wife! Not much of a surpriser Her name is the Roman Catholic Church Unwashed: now you are wiser


Occupy Catholics: Assemble!

While the USCCB celebrates its “Fortnight of Freedom,” Occupy Catholics are going to hold their first General Assembly on Freedoms, from June 21st to July 4th, which will concern itself…


New Election Strategy: Damnation Threats

I can’t stop watching this Test of Fire video put out by Catholics Called to Witness. It’s a kinda Lord-of-the-Ringish vibed “promo.” Just what is it promoting? Scaring Catholics into…

Killing the Buddha

This Far and No Further

After the announced LCWR “crackdown,” I was in a Jo-Ann fabric store. A few women in line were deriding the Girl Scouts for being “radical feminists.” I had to butt…

Killing the Buddha


The Vatican has announced a crackdown on US sisters, who, amongst other offenses like running hospitals and educating countless children and young adults, are possibly guilty of promoting “radical feminist…


Wrap Yourself In Vision Bedding!

Thank you, Elizabeth Castelli, for introducing me to the bedroom of my dreams, courtesy of Vision Bedding. I’ve often wondered if there’s a place where faith meets decor. Like most…


Lenten Thrills: 1974

Did you know that during Holy Week in 1974, an Australian nun had a top ten hit in the United States with a recording of the Lord’s Prayer? I didn’t…

Killing the Buddha

Ross’s Magic Monogamy

Dear Ross, Thanks for teaching me something new today: “Monogamy, not chemicals or latex, is the main line of defense against unwanted pregnancies.”  All this time I’d thought that deciding “when…


The Year of the Bi-i-ble

Good News! The Pennsylvania Legislature just declared 2012 the Year of the Bible.  Since they didn’t specify exactly which Bible, as in the “King James Bible Heritage Month” resolution from…

Killing the Buddha

Who Do I Want to Praise?

Do you ever get taken by surprise when watching shows with your spouse or significant other or pet? I was watching That Mitchell and Webb Look with my husband and…


Happy Hopkins Eve

This being Baltimore, we’re celebrating Christmas Eve morning by gathering around the grave of Johns Hopkins. He’s buried in the expansive Greenmount Cemetery, which is now located in the so-called…

Killing the Buddha

Douthat’s Atheist

Oh Ross. You are making me violate my custody of my mind with your words again. You’re talking Hitchens and his “atheism” or whatever, but the most important thing about…


Manger Mania!

Your Communicant has spotted a new trend: “Stable births”—giving birth in a barn, attended by animals—are the new-old way for babies to come into the world. Amongst some New Yorkers,…


Belief-O-Matic Results!

I took BeliefNet’s Belief-O-Matic test and here are the results. Check out #1 and #27 out of #27. OK. Fine. I’ll light some candles and don a shawl and pray…


Biblioclasm Now!

The state destroyed 5,554 books this morning. Support the restocking and retelling of the OWS library tonight!

Pax Laganum

Occupy, Eh?

I keep planning to go visit Occupy Baltimore and then I keep getting stymied by the cold or just my own love of staying home. I was super-excited to go…