the devil


Remember That the Devil Is Quite A Gentleman

There’s a long history of calling people the devil. It doesn’t usually turn out well.

by Mary Valle

Monumental Satanic Panic

Bad news! New York’s Satanic Temple has drawn up plans for a Satanic monument outside the Oklahoma statehouse, including an “interactive children’s display.” Since the state legislature has allowed a…

Devil N House"

In the Devil House

People always told Frank Jones that he was special.

Loki from the movie "Thor."

The Trouble with Loki

Watching your gods become action heroes in the movie Thor.

He is frequently known to need serious dental work.

Mortician or Priest

What kind of exorcist do America’s movie theaters really need?

Mike Warnke's "Coming Home"

Wicked Funny

The pseudo-ex-Satanist Mike Warnke and me.

Killing the Buddha

The Temptation of St. Tony

"It starts as a low keening..."

Call to Prayer

As regimes come and go, faith drifts through the air in Iran.