the Fall

"The Fall of Man, after Hendrick Goltzius" by Mike Licht,, via Flickr.

Edens Everywhere

It wouldn’t be paradise if it weren’t already lost.

"Nature's Paradise"

Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™

Doubting Thomas Kinkade.

Peter Bruegel, "Fall of the Rebel Angels"

The Descent of Man

The true story of the extinction of the angels.

"Adam and Eve Temptation 1," Oleg Maslov & Viktor Kouznetsov

Genesis, At Rest

When Adam and Eve fall, they fall hard.

Science fiction is the very matrix of this film for most viewers -- the world that has been pulled over their eyes

Gnosis Reloaded

A high-tech, kick-ass, stylish action movie franchise masquerades as a 2,000-year-old mystical revelation. Or is it vice versa?

A bushel and a peck.


Chew on this. How do we keep our faith when the sun, like love, abandons us?