The Family

Jesus Plus Nothing, Minus Somalia

How Christian fundamentalism helped turn Somalia into the next staging ground for Islamic radicalism.

Killing the Buddha

Ensign’s “Christian Mafia”

More news from the Senator John Ensign / Family scandal: Turns out Ensign, lacking the fortitude to fire his mistress/employee, had the Family do it for him. The Family likes…

Killing the Buddha

The Dude’s Prayer

I’ve been doing a lot of local radio shows around the country in support of the paperback edition of my book, The Family. This morning I was a guest on…



King David as a model for present-day political power. An excerpt from The Family.

Killing the Buddha

CNN’s Demonic Attack

Since I first wrote about Washington’s most exclusive religious club, The Family, and its prayer breakfast movement, I’ve often been scolded by political centrists who insist that the National Prayer…

Killing the Buddha

Jeff Sharlet’s The Family

I imagine the site will get some traffic today from fans of NPR’s “Fresh Air,” on which I’m a guest on today’s program to discuss my book

Killing the Buddha

Joining the Family

I’m the black sheep of an academic family — my father is a retired Sovietologist, my sister a scholar of Arabic literature, my brother-in-law an Ottomanist, my wife an American…

Killing the Buddha

Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford, & the Synagogue of Satan

After ignoring the most politically influential religious group in Washington for decades, the Washington Post is going big with the revelation that randy Republicans Mark Sanford and John Ensign both…

Killing the Buddha

Upcoming Events, TV

This weekend, you can wind up your shabbat, warm up for church, get ready to party, or nurse a hangover with a KtB-related panel discussion! On Saturday, April 18, at…

Killing the Buddha

Some Love for My Loveless Universe

A while back, one of the deans of Christian conservatism, Marvin Olasky, invited me to the Empire State Building office from which he edits World magazine to quiz me on…

"Bump wasn't horseplay, it was physicalized theology..."


A New Testament spin on an Old Testament game.