I Was A Teenage Lemming God

A harmless rodent with vast existential consequences.


Forgiveness in the Epoch of Me Too

Whose job is it, anyway?


What Do You Believe? How Do You Know? Want a Free Book?

For as long as I’ve been interested in the search for proofs about the existence of God, I’ve been interested in drawing them. Words and equations just didn’t seem like…


The Gospel of Primordial Androgyny

Forget one man, one woman. Jesus’s marriage could have been much, much more interesting.

Killing the Buddha

Telling Trans Stories

While reporting on trans issues, a friend connected me with Shay Kearns (aka Anarchist Reverend). In my email exchanges with this seminary graduate (M.Div from Union Theological Seminary in New…


Getting the Christ Out of Christmas

What would Jesus do with leftovers?


Listen to This Man

An ongoing hobby of mine is to try and help keep my favorite theologian, William Stringfellow, in circulation. In the past, I’ve written about his ideas on biography, on the…

William Stringfellow.


New from Frequencies: William Stringfellow and the God of law school.

Lapham's Quarterly: "Food."

Reality-Based Eating

We live in an imperfect world, so why not find a way to enjoy it? In the current “Food” issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, KtB regular (and, now, father!) Scott Korb has…

Killing the Buddha

Taking the Christ Out of Christmas

My brother and I got into a fight at the Christmas dinner table. This year it wasn’t our usual conservative-vs.-liberal spat, over homosexuality or abortion. (My brother is a Bible-believing…

"Turn Left" by manitoon via Flickr.

What’s Left?

Daniel Schultz parses a political theology.

Killing the Buddha

Does Science Need Religion?

When one is out to study religion, or to cover the religion beat, it can be awfully tempting to see religion everywhere you look as the all-satisfying explanation for everything.…

"Croik Church, pulpit" by Lee Carson, via Flickr

Faithful Apostasy

What do the “preachers who are not believers” not believe?

Killing the Buddha

John Milbank Evangelizes Zizek

Anglican theologian John Milbank has been defying expectations for a long time. His ideas, which have driven a movement called Radical Orthodoxy, refuse to be either liberal or conservative, radical…

In God We Trust.

Dear god,

An angry letter about Haiti from a pissed-off Pentecostal preacher.


Heresy Is a Cradle

Anne Hutchinson’s “No in Thunder.”

"First God Sighting" by Leland Paul via Flickr

You Call That God?

Why Karen Armstrong’s Case for God isn’t one.


Theology for Atheists

At the Guardian today, I’ve got a short bit about secular, mainly Continental philosophers who, in recent years, have turned to theology: [Slavoj Zizek] is one of several leading thinkers…