Members of the Kurdish militia listen to a radio as President Bush's deadline expires.

Shock and Awe, Fear and Trembling

War. Huh. Good God, y’all. What is it good for? Depends on who you ask.



In God’s waiting room with a nation of unbaptized babies.

Works Project Administrative Bricklayer, courtesy of the WPA Archive

Do the Right Thing, Damn It

America’s leading theologian on laying bricks and taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Killing the Buddha

God’s Hors D’Oeuvres

Hot and healthy Christ Cookies do the body good.

Shoah Memorial,  Jerusalem

The Hazards of Holocaust Theology

Transcending history is a tricky business, even for Elie Wiesel.


The Pope Converts

When will the Roman Catholic Church come out of the theological closet?


The Ecumenical Monologues

Call them disgruntled. Call them hysterical. Just don’t call them Episcopalians.

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.