Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

What to make when it’s your turn to feed a dead grandmother?

Young Lovers

Where’s the Love?

Indian canoodling couples face the wrath of the Sri Ram Sene.

"So what if you can't pin down the exact history of yoga..."

Yoga for Skeptics

Desperate for enlightenment, Westerners flock to India. But the modern yogis’ link to a mystical ancient lineage may be mere hocus pocus.

The Abayudaya's Moses Synagogue, on Nabugoye Hill outside of Mbale, Uganda. Photo by Jay Sand, (c) 2003 <em>Scattered Among the Nations</em>

Lugandan Psalms

The Jews of Uganda get an ‘A’ for effort when it comes to atonement. But is that enough?

A man and his ram blow in the new year.

Blow Your Own Horn

How do you make a shofar? And more importantly, can a tranny blow one?

Abraham mourning for the death of Sarah (detail), Marc Chagall, 1931-1939


The new neocons ask: What would Abraham do?