Killing the Buddha

Faith in the Five Boroughs

For your Friday viewing enjoyment, a video from the new documentary series Faith in the Five Boroughs, documenting faith and religion in New York’s immigrant communities. This one is about a woman who has built a large shrine to La Santa Muerte in her home.

Killing the Buddha

Holy Mother of Bathsheets & the Clothesline Revival

KtB friend Alyce Santoro is at it again, with the simple wisdom of her ongoing Clothesline Revival: harness the advanced, clean, nuclear technology of the sun! This time, she’s taking part in 350.org’s 10/10/10 Global Work Party (“A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions”) by becoming, as she puts it, “a combination of Amma the Hugging…

Killing the Buddha

An Interest in Women

Unearthing what two New Orleans brothers—a priest and a photographer—did with their spare time.

Killing the Buddha

Prothero on Video

Why can’t a book just be a book anymore? Now, it turns out, if you write a book, you also have to make a video, write a blog, tweet on Twitter… Fortunately for us, though, that gives us the opportunity to get a sneak peak at Stephen Prothero’s latest book, God Is Not One: The…


Lewis and Billy Blowout!

Thanks to everyone who came out to BookCourt last night to enjoy a fine evening of reading by Lewis Lapham and sermon and song by Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping. We were celebrating the release of Lapham’s Quarterly religion issue, available now. Lewis Lapham did a wonderful reading of a letter…

Killing the Buddha

American Mythology

For a Halloween special, Buddha-killer E.J. Park shared with us this wonderful film of his, the story of a mystic Jew in search of the American dream. (He meets the devil along the way.) Synopsis: A vérité portrait of Ari Lehman and his pursuit of fame. As a 13-year-old, Lehman portrayed the young Jason Voorhees…

Killing the Buddha

The Calling of Reverend Billy

Why in tarnation is a performance artist running for mayor of New York City?

Killing the Buddha

Exiles in the Promised Land

This short video montage is based on footage and photos from my recent trip to Beirut, Lebanon. I was privileged to spend time with the people of Shatila, the Palestinian refugee camp in West Beirut. The trip ended with a talk that I gave entitled “Exiles in the Promised Land: New Orleans, Baghdad and the…

Killing the Buddha

Eureka Springs

Gumby the Christ figure looks over a small town in the Ozarks.

Killing the Buddha

God Saved the World

They’re not who you’d usually expect to meet at a monastery.