Anna Vesta Rogers

Immersion Therapy

A second, Cambodian baptism.

"I realized I could follow the progress of my fast by keeping an eye on the moon every night..."

Hunger Is God’s Food

Praise the Lord and pass the leftovers—but not before the end of Ramadan.

"When they turn toward the ocean, I'm standing there, shoving another monk into the waves."

Pushing Monks

Lost at sea on a flotilla of enlightenment.

"It's Easter-time. They sell these at the drugstore."

Easter at the Jewish Ritual Bath, 1962

A tale of love, loss and submersion.

The author and his mother, 1975

The Many Times My Mother Died

If the body is a temple, what happens to faith when it’s destroyed?


Winter of My Disbelief

Baptized in the blood of the lamb, the author smells only the sweet scent of chlorine.

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Rain from the Ganges

Fear and enlightenment at a Hindu goddess festival.