Killing the Buddha

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

I met KtB contributing editor Laurel Snyder back in 2004, when Peter Manseau and I went to Iowa City to promote Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible. At the time,…

Killing the Buddha

J.G. Ballard’s Pre-Posthumous Memoir

KtB contributor (Believer, Beware division) Mark Dery reviews the great J.G. Ballard’s latest and possibly last book, a “pre-posthumous memoir” titled Miracles of Life, for L.A. Weekly. “In response to…

"A poverty that would keep us free."

It Makes Great Press

A group of New England Buddhists finds Zen in the art of panhandling–but at what cost?

Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman

Punctuated Equilibrium

In Adaptation, the evolution of art occurs in fits and starts — and is never free of the hand of its creator.


Amos Awake

Reading the book he’ll never write.


Kafka in Love

College reunions, marriage proposals, and other trials that make you buggy.

Got a few bucks for gas?

Using Our Bible as a Roadmap

The Buddha Boys hit the highway to save a soul near you.


Righting Waco: Confessions of a Hollywood Propagandist

The author of a prime time apocalypse ponders ratings, truth and redemption.


Zen Mind, Alkie Mind

Lust, Liquor, and Bill W.’s Elegant American Buddhism.