Ray Hsu

Poet-schmoet. Ray Hsu is a rockstar who happens to write books. Ray describes himself as the neighbourhood kid who gets everyone to build a snowfort. His catchphrases include, "What can I do to help?" and "You know, what would be cool is if..."

Ray is author of Anthropy (winner of the Gerald Lampert Award) and Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon. At last count he has published over a hundred and twenty-five poems in over forty journals internationally. He has more degrees than he knows what to do with. He taught writing for over two years in a U.S. prison. He now teaches at the University of British Columbia, where he collaborates across disciplines, districts, and dinner tables.

When he isn't winning poetry or teaching awards, he kicks back with a can of Chef Boyardee and a snifter of Hennessey. Catch him at thewayofray.com.

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