made up stuff


The Great Ganesh Milk Miracle

The news of the Great Ganesh Milk Miracle was dissected in every newspaper and every household. No one could talk of anything else.


Uncle Oatmeal

The niece is the only child he knows.


Two Misses

That’s the thing they don’t tell you—PTSD is contagious.


The Minister’s Handyman

An excerpt from Pitiful Criminals, published this week by Counterpoint Press. Drawings by W. David Powell.


The Niagara River

An excerpt from the novel High As The Horses’ Bridles, published this week by Henry Holt.


Dear Nancy

People get cancer; mothers lose sons in war; babies die; but here she is, heartbroken because I sexted you, Nancy, a middle-aged hippie lady who writes bad slam poetry.


Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord?

Love is a straight path—with traffic.

El Greco, "Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane."

There Is No Rock in You

The dreams of sleeping disciples at Gethsemane.

God's eyes.

God’s Eye Gives Back

Everybody’s favorite yarn craft puts its mystical powers under the microscope.



Once again, a woman is tempted by a snake.


The Ice King

An unexpected catch on Fish-O-Rama weekend.

Sarkozy by Môsieur J. [version 3.0a] via Flickr


Nicholas Sarkozy takes her burqa-ed consort for a walk in Paris.

"the Clinquant of Hope" by Derrick T via Flickr

Juan Lucas

Can a man be better than his rap sheet?

By qleoca [be kind] via Flickr

Two Ghost Stories

Conversations with the dead, memories of life.

The author on the subway.

Postcards from My Chastity Pledge

Hell is other people’s multi-faith neighborhoods.

By egor.gribanov via Flickr

A Meaningful Story

From Essential Stories: God, Love, Death, Joy, Suffering, Beauty.

Inmaculada Concepción by Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante (Wikimedia Commons).

A Movement in the Soul

From Essential Stories: The inconceivable immaculately conceived.

"rave & ravers" by cinocino via Flickr

Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts

The voice of the spirit world descends into an underworld.