Five-Foot, Fifty-Dollar Green Beauty

by Francesca Hyatt | December 14, 2021 | ,

The sight of your friends’ faces illuminated by hot light, standing in a circle as flames leap into the air, as needles crackle and burst, as sparks fly, this image will stay with you. This moment feels holy.

They smell good. They stand in an inch or two of water, fastened into a plastic dish. Their boughs hold strings of lights and ornaments, delicately carved wooden shepherds, bright and gaudy metallic things, balls, tinsel, depending. They mesmerize you as a kid, you sit looking longingly at the gifts beneath, you feel a quiet joy when the lights come on, which in your family means taking the extra-long matches and lighting candles fastened to bending branches in wobbly metal holders. Your people love any excuse to sit by candlelight, sing songs and eat ginger cookies, your people love Christmas.

As a teenager they disgust you. Trees from the forest, cut down to stand for a few scant weeks inside living rooms all across the western world? Nasty chemicals sprayed


As legend has it, Killing the Buddha was founded on November 13, 2000, in the earliest days of the internet.

Ben Wildflower's Magnificat

Our Daily Bread and Roses – An Interview with Ben Wildflower

About three or four years ago, I began to see a strange, arresting, and beautiful image circulate among some of my Twitter and Facebook friends—a stark white and black agit-prop expressivist engraving of the Virgin Mary with a defiant fist raised in the air while she stomps on a twisted Satanic serpent, encircled by a cartouche inscribed with a variation from the Magnificat.

11 Questions: Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology by Ed Simon

Unnerving, uncanny, unsettling.

Days Like Dominoes

My thoughts these days are fraught, frazzled little things still precious even though they are as clumsy and malleable as the playdough jewels my daughter likes to shape. 

Stranger Prayer

Until the pandemic hit, I hadn’t prayed in nearly two decades.

The Great Ganesh Milk Miracle

The news of the Great Ganesh Milk Miracle was dissected in every newspaper and every household. No one could talk of anything else.

Wild At Heart: QAnon, Sex Trafficking, and Evangelical Masculinity

The connection between spirituality and child trafficking may be new in New Age spirituality, but it is one that has been common for years within evangelicalism.

How We Are Holding

I keep turning to trees these dead-of-February, unending pandemic days.

11 Questions: Martha Moody by Susan Stinson

Buttery. Corporal. Reverent.

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