Holy Thursday Pop-Up Foot Clinic

by Ashley Makar | April 6, 2023 |

Listen while two feet soak.

We wash feet on the New Haven Green,
feet that need deep callouses,
that walk in wet socks after spates of rain.
If you listen while two feet soak, 
maybe you come to know the daily movements
of a woman named D.,
whose feet drag from the warming center 
into winter dawns to rest in the bus shelter
until the library opens at 10,
who hurries to the seat by the window
in the sci-fi/fantasy reading room,
and waits for her ankles to hinge and tilt
with A Wrinkle in Time,
turning gravity into a Mrs. Whatsit lullaby.

On Sundays and all public holidays,
when the library is closed and it’s too cold to sit outside,
she stands on sleek sidewalks as long as it takes
to panhandle enough bus fare to the Post Road Mall, 
where recliners line the promenade to the shops,
and the security guard who works Sundays and

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embers and ash

Ash Blessings

No need to profess a thing.

11 Questions: Heretic: A Memoir by Jeanna Kadlec

Restorative, queer, unfuckablewith. 

The Balm of Proximity: Churchyard Haunting Past, Pandemic and Potential

If a religious building is in itself a threshold…what possibilities are uniquely latent in the threshold’s threshold…what wisdom lies on the church steps, in the side alley, in the far corner of the graveyard, on the margins, and nowhere else?

Emily Mace places flowers at the memorials for the 7 killed in the Highland Park parade shooting. Photo credit: CNN Politics

Flowers for Fireworks

The Highland Park I knew blurs with the Highland Park that so recently was, and yet the memorials that frame the ends of this street reveal the Highland Park that we will yet be.

Plague Psalm 19

Bees needle our sin-stung flesh in your hive
Yet some kind of sweetness
still touches the tongue.

What Wondrous Love Is This: Finding Queer Religion in Muncie, Indiana

We expected to hear about shared experiences of homophobia and isolation, but much to our joy and surprise, we have also heard, time and time again, about how our narrators have found and cultivated communities that affirm the lives of queer people.

On Gratitude

But there was love, love, love,
dripping from our hands.
We both gripped the sharp edge,
and it was painful

Two Poems by Joe Gross

of loaves
just means
one loaf
two people.

Poems for the Cruelest Month

All of the intensity and unpredictability of this season, the surges of hope and terror, the stirring of memory and desire—word images, symbols, and sounds arranged in rhythm, engaged in elegy and mystery may be our best bet for helping us hold it all.

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