The (One, True) Way to Go

I stand corrected. Quince Mountain (whose racy memoir “Cowboy for Christ” appears in our forthcoming book Believer, Beware) wrote in with a note about my Memorial Day post from yesterday, in which I had made the mistake of calling biking and hitchiking the eminent forms of travel in the United States.

I appreciate the Memorial Day reflections and agree wholeheartedly except on one important point.  Bicyling does not compete with hitchhiking as “the” way to go.  It’s obvious that, deprived New Yorker that you are, you haven’t had the chance to cross country by horse and wagon.  The pace is perfect; grass makes for abundant roadside fuel; a canvas cover offers shelter from sun/rain as well as a place to sleep; and, driving a team down the highway at 6 miles/hour, you find out quickly who your friends and enemies are.  So I invite you, anytime this summer, to come out to Wisconsin and we’ll show you the (one, true) way to go.

Enclosed were these delightful images:




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