We’ve Got the Torch Now

The small rural town where I went to high school had a newspaper and I looked on its classified section last year and there were three jobs.  I’m not going to lie, I’m distraught over a Trump presidency, but I can understand the hopelessness of these people, because I have lived among them.  I actually am one of them because I’m on the low end of the IT spectrum competing with outsourcing firms for clients, firms from places where you can get a lunch for fifty cents.  The whole narrative about things going fine was such a smokescreen.
I can’t help but feel a lot of poor whites identify with “Full Nelson” by Limp Bizkit (and self-proclaimed “redneck motherfucker from Jacksonville,” Fred Durst), and I think it’s the way the Republicans are going to govern:
they think they are building an empire without us
but we’ve got the torch now
we’ve got the fire to burn this mother fucker down

is a reader would like to remain anonymous.