World Communism is Mystery Babylon the Enemy of God!

A delightful pair of letters came from “steve” today. They’re enormous expositions against communism and for the theocratic character of the United States. Needless to say, there are plenty of quotations from the Book of Revelation.

Since he has already managed to post them all over the Internet (I finally gave in today and decided to start capitalizing that word), I won’t bother to cite but a few passages. You can find pretty much the whole thing in the first two comments here.

Babylon was not only a commercial metropolis, but a religious one also, as can be seen from an inscription, which they have decoded. Altogether there are in Babylon, 53 of the chief gods, 55 chapels of Marduk, 300 chapels to the earthly deities, 600 for the heavenly deities, 180 alters for the goddess Ishtar, and Isis, and they go on, and on. This was a very religious society. Then the author quotes out of Herodias, he says But the most vicious practice of the Babylonians, was the following. Every woman in the country, must take her seat in the shrine of Aphrodite, and once in her life, consort with a stranger, and only when she has been with him, and done her service to the goddess, is she allowed to go home. The religion of Babylon, required pre-marital sex, of all of its women, the same condition and practice, which is encouraged in America today. Little do Christians realize today, that the proponents, and promoters of pre-marital sex, are really the Babylonian’s, who have invaded this land, and who are trying to foist on us, all of their anti-Christ religion, of Ancient Babylon.

The armies now gathering under the United Nations of Red-Babylon, are coming to America in the near future. God is bringing these nations here. These armies will fight against God, and his Christ. When these kings, and their armies of the earth are gathered, they will encompass us, they will surround us.

The Federal Government identifies who are the victims of this secret anti-Christian warfare. A newsletter called The Independent Newsletter, (P. O. Box 54, Spencer, Ma. 01562), reports that it is the Justice Department and the Federal Government who are making secret warfare against the white Anglo-Saxon Christian-Saints. This report says: CULT AWARENESS TASK FORCE In the aftermath of the United States Government’s murder of the Branch Davidian congregation in Waco, Texas, there has been much said about cult awareness. Attorney General Janet Reno, seeking to justify the government siege at Waco, gave this definition of a cultist for the Cult Awareness Task Force as she spoke on national television. Study it carefully and you will know how the United States Government (particularly the office of the U.S. Attorney, Janet Reno) thinks quote: “A CULTIST IS ONE WHO HAS A STRONG BELIEF IN THE BIBLE AND THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST; WHO FREQUENTLY ATTENDS BIBLE STUDIES; WHO HAS A HIGH LEVEL OF FINANCIAL GIVING TO A CHRISTIAN CAUSE; WHO HOME SCHOOLS HIS CHILDREN; WHO HAS ACCUMULATED SURVIVAL FOODS; AND WHO HAS A STRONG BELIEF IN THE 2ND AMMENDMENT; AND WHO DISTRUSTS BIG GOVERNMENT.”

Not bad, as screed goes.

Nathan Schneider is an editor of Killing the Buddha and writes about religion, reason, and violence for a variety of publications. He is also a founding editor of Waging Nonviolence. His first two books, published by University of California Press in 2013, are God in Proof: The Story of a Search from the Ancients to the Internet and Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse. Visit his website at The Row Boat.