On Gratitude

But there was love, love, love,
dripping from our hands.
We both gripped the sharp edge,
and it was painful

by giveawayboy, via Flickr

Singing to Jesus with Eyes Closed

You would think Berkeley had suddenly transformed into an Evangelical school.


Accidental Gods

“…it is impossible for human nature not always to love something.”


Religion Island

Dawkins vs. Sri Lanka, and silence wins.

Photo courtesy of Bradford Daly.

Strangers In The Bible Belt and The Holy Land

Immigration legislation in Alabama and Israel.


Lent: Season of Our Hypocrisy

From to-do lists to angels in the wilderness.


The Afterlife, The Aftermath

When a grandmother’s ghost says go, you go.


No Utopias

“Hope is a kind of religion, and religions don’t work.”


Calvary Altarpiece

For the most part, we had a lot of fun hearing from our readers about their altarpieces for the “What’s on Your Shelf?” collection, which goes up on the site…

Hildegard von Bingen, Rupertsberger Codex des Liber Scivias

The Sapphire in Hildegard’s Wine

On the frontispiece of Hildegard von Bingen’s Scivias, the nun is propping her feet on a stool—perhaps to elevate her knees high enough to compose the first strokes of her…


Bedtime Stumblings

Somewhere between Jedi and G.I. Joe, there must be an explanation.


The Proof Industry

Today at The Guardian, a bit of a glimpse into my ongoing obsessions about proofs for the existence of God. Just last night, sifting through a novella I wrote as…

Raphael, Saint Michael and the Dragon, c. 1503 - 1505

The Snake Hunters

You can only fight what you can see.

Newton by William Blake

The Most Beautiful System

The power and danger of Isaac Newton’s faith.

Killing the Buddha

KtB: Above Deepak Chopra

TJ Vazquez writes: I just wanted to say that I think KtB is amazing. I saw Believer, Beware at Barnes and Noble. It was hilarious to me that in the…

MinusIroner via Flickr

Religious Education

A Catholic mother’s faith made genuine by doubt.

Left to right: Bertrand, an unidentified friend, Sister Benen Kent and Britten in 1967.

Shattered Faith in Two Parts

Women victims are the latest to find a voice in the Catholic abuse scandal, but who will listen to their song?


Silent Infidelity

Lust and love in the Mennonite Church.