losing my religion



“Man’s best chance of finding God is to look in the place where he left him.” —Meister Eckhart


Fundies and Aspies

Ned Spodos has seen it from both sides.


Is the Internet Taking Away America’s Religion?

Apparently the Internet is taking away America’s religion. According to data-analyzer Allen Downey, an Olin College of Engineering computer scientist,  a drop in the religiously afflilated correlates to a rise…


What Atheism Really Means

“Lack of belief” in God is not the same as disbelief. Fess up, atheists.

Killing the Buddha

Indictment of the Parents Who Didn’t Take Me to Church

For not giving my week a structure besides school and its poorly hidden rehearsal for work.   For letting me learn to fidget in an audience and walk out on…


The Golden Helmet of Jubilation

Loki is my new Beatles, prayer-wise.