Bent Too Far: A Missionary, A Bookstore, A Change of Heart

In my last life, back in the late 1990s when I was a fundamentalist missionary in Papua New Guinea, I came upon the online magazine Killing the Buddha. Although I was quite aware that my life as a fundamentalist was nearly over, I did not know that I had about four years before any ontological…


Celebrate with KtB, Thurs. 3/10 in Brooklyn!

Dear Readers, You are warmly invited to join Killing the Buddha this Thursday evening for: Love You to Death! a raucous celebration of the publication of Ann Neumann‘s The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America (Beacon Press, February 2016) with a night of death-affirming readings by authors Scott Korb, Gordon Haber, and Peter Manseau (Melancholy Accidents: Three Centuries of Stray…

Killing the Buddha

September Buddha-killing Update

Whenever something we publish on KtB prompts a surprising response, I like to take a little time and then weigh in to the conversation editorially speaking. Last week’s feature, “White People Problems,” from our friend Briallen Hopper, is an impassioned meditation on the need for difficult conversations about race and power, on the occasion of…


This Mutant Genre

The introduction to a new anthology Radiant Truths: Essential …. Essays on American Belief

Kids in front of gas flare in Niger Delta, 2007 (© Elaine Gilligan)

A Series of Small Leaps

Writing about witchcraft, children, and desperation in the Niger Delta.

Copyright Edele Confrerie van het Heiling Bloed. www.holyblood.org

Virgin Apparitions, Holy Blood, and Me

During a panel discussion for The Virgin, the Copts and Me, held as part of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, Namir Abdel Messeh, a French filmmaker of Egyptian origin, admitted he had embarked on a seemingly impossible quest. How can one make a movie that proves if an apparition exists or not? After he watches…