God, Mammon, Bathrooms, and Basketball

In the Tuesday-morning quiet of a Chapel Hill that will be riding high from its NCAA championship win last night for the foreseeable future, the news arrives that the NCAA has lifted its ban on hosting games in North Carolina. You’ve heard the story: HB 2, the North Carolina law requiring transgender people to use…

Photo by John St John via Flickr

Asphalt Altar

From the violence of the streets to the ritual space of the asphalt court


Gym Class Zen

An ode to pain.

Alex Tzelnic

Baseball Mundi

Mircea Eliade goes to Wrigley Field.

Killing the Buddha

Baseball Literalism

There is a long and often ridiculous history of comparing baseball to a religion. Rule-bound, slow to change, cyclic, and timeless; an assembly of people presided over by men in funny outfits, who say what is safe and what is out; a space sealed-off from the rest of society, yet definitional to a national culture: the…

The Real Winner

Steelers/Ravens Playoff Religion Update

This weekend’s Steelers/Ravens playoff game in Pittsburgh will feature more than the two teams, bitter rivals, representing formerly glorious postindustrial American cities. We will also witness the athletic feats of two serious religious practitioners. For the Steelers: safety Troy Polamalu, a devotee of the Greek Orthodox monk Elder Ephraim, with whom he has met in…

Tiger Woods at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

The end of the world and Tiger Woods.

Killing the Buddha

God Goes For It On 4th Down

God must be some kind of couch potato, flipping through channels on  Sunday afternoons with a plate of heavenly buffalo wings and a six-pack of He’Brew. He seems to love American sports, judging by the praise, thanks and post-touchdown recognition He gets from some of our most prominent athletes. Florida’s Tim Tebow, most notably, cites…

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Christian Dojo

A high kick to the anti-Christian tendencies of an aspiring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Killing the Buddha

Cathedral Center Court

Earlier today, Roger Federer came back from being down two sets to one to punch his ticket to a fourth consecutive French Open final. He’s never won it all on clay. On Sunday, he’ll be facing a Swede named Robin Soderling, a guy who before ejecting Federer’s nemesis Nadal from the tournament (in One of…

"'Pray for strength,' he said.  'I need strength.'"


An ex-con challenges his teammate’s faith.

"Bump wasn't horseplay, it was physicalized theology..."


A New Testament spin on an Old Testament game.

The 1954 Milan Indians: “the real Hoosiers”

Waiting for Chitwood

In Brooklyn, Jesus takes it to the hoop.