Lay Down Your Weary Tune

My fear is generalized. This is now my country’s fear as well.

Jacket, "It’s a Jungle Out There," autumn/winter 1997–98.

Alexander McQueen’s Afterlife

Those who only know of Alexander McQueen as the name behind the most famous wedding dress in recent history will be in for a royal shock when they step inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s retrospective of McQueen’s career. Nowhere will one find anything resembling Kate Middleton’s virginal attire on display. Instead, the collection begins…


Is He Dead?

An estranged stepfather’s suicide begs the question.

"Mountains By Night" by Timitrius via Flickr

A Fresh End

He was supposed to go up and never come down.

"What was it like to commit suicide?"

Sitting Shiva

Two lovers retrace the scars that brought them together.