The Avengers


The Golden Helmet of Jubilation

Loki is my new Beatles, prayer-wise.

Killing the Buddha

Buddha-killing The Avengers: Puny God

Behold, Part 2 of the epic saga ‘Buddha-killing The Avengers’! Today’s dispatch comes to us from KtB contributing editor Eric Scott, who has written lots of great stories about life in contemporary paganism–including two wonderful exegeses on the Marvel careers of Thor and Loki, characters who reside in the Norse-mythological realm of Asgard. His Buddha-killing…

Killing the Buddha

Buddha-killing The Avengers: Hulk Reflections

Here at KtB, we do like to explore the margins of faith, but once in a while we like to sharpen our Buddha-killing swords on a nice big piece of ultra-pop culture, to mix several metaphors.  And there’s nothing bigger than this summer’s Marvel blockbuster The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon and starring Iron Man,…