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Killing the Buddha

The First Long, Dark Night After The Earthquake

A dry hot month to beat the records was passing its torch to the newspapers when the earthquake struck early Wednesday, causing untold damage and ceaseless unhappiness as the tremors continue throughout the night, one rumble after another. At first the meteorologists reporting declining heights of lakes and rivers were the stars of summer in…

Killing the Buddha

Quotes from the Accident, or God is Good

It was right out of a movie  I heard a screeching Some were dozing  There was absolutely nothing suspicious happening   You had to hold the chair so you didn’t fall out  All of a sudden the woman in front of me was on my lap  Then I saw the gravel coming at me, I…

Buddha’s Hand (or, A Citron Variety from Whole Foods)

The oldest member of the citrus family reaches out, though it hails from far-away India and parts of China. Sensitive to frost, heat, drought, but no burden to the tree. Juiceless, seedless beneath its sunny rind, waggles its stasis of funny feeling fingers. It says Zest my skin for powerful flavor. File my fingerprints. Go…