Quotes from the Accident, or God is Good

It was right out of a movie  I heard a screeching
Some were dozing  There was absolutely nothing
suspicious happening   You had to hold the chair
so you didn’t fall out  All of a sudden the woman
in front of me was on my lap  Then I saw the gravel
coming at me, I heard people screaming
It started to shudder and then it started to slip
It was actually much worse than it looked
When I woke up, we were just flipping over
You could feel it starting to lean and I was like,
‘hey what’s going on’  I thought I was still dreaming
The cars were skidding across the ground,
were picking up debris, stones and tree limbs
It was out of control   There was smoke
I grabbed the seat and got thrown into the shelf
where you put your stuff I hooked my hand
in there and shielded my face  I felt the window
just disappear, and all this dirt came in, all this soil
She smacked her head against the window
I used my yoga mat to cover her body  Everybody’s upset
about the deaths  I still can’t believe it   I’m very happy
to be alive  Fully occupied, it would have been a tremendous
disaster  God is good  You don’t expect that to happen