J. C. Hallman

J. C. Hallman was raised on a street called Utopia Road in a master-planned community in Southern California. Nevertheless, he is the author of several books, including In Utopia: Six Kinds of Eden and the Search for a Better Paradise.

Recent Posts by J. C.

Blogging the Jameses

Reading the correspondence of Henry and William James, it’s surprising to see just how much of William’s will-to-believe doctrine and his ideas of the religiously “sick souled” appear, in nascent form, in letters to his brother. What’s even more surprising is measuring, in Henry’s replies, just how much of his brother’s thought crept into his…

Killing the Thetan

On what The New Yorker’s coverage of Scientology lacks.

Paradise for Pagans

Thomas More’s Utopia was a joke that nobody got—especially in the New World.

The Choice is Yours

How would William James rate on a Scientology E-meter? An excerpt from the new book, The Devil is a Gentleman.